Open Arms Spiritual Haven

About Us !

The Open Arms Spiritual Haven is run by Jay Gage, assisted by her husband Tony, and good friends Claire, Colin, Kirsty and a team of enthusiastic helpers !

We have a modern approach to spiritualism, hoping to attract younger people into the movement.

Jay is a spiritualist medium who has worked in the movement for several years both in Essex and West London. She trained under one of the country's premium mediums before branching out on her own and helping to establish two local centres in Essex. The Haven is her first solo venture.


Tony is her husband - a worried man, who nervously believes in the power of spirit, but prefers to assist on the door, so he can always make a quick getaway "just in case" !



Claire is our resident Angel Card reader, and an enthusiastic member of the Haven, helping us with all the day-to-day running and organisation, particularly the special events ! She is also the best home made cake provider in Essex, and for this talent if nothing else is adored by our visitors and team !


 Kirsty is a developing medium - with an extraordinary ability to work with colour and auras, and a gentle and compassionate manner which puts people at ease. She is great at meeting and greeting and encourages lots of new people to the Haven !

Colin is a registered SPHA healer, with a long track record in the spiritualist movement, and is a great asset to the Haven, chairing the meetings with Jay and bringing a wealth of experience to the centre. 

Ryan is an SPHA healer trainer and has recently joined the Haven to run our healing centre with Colin. Ryan is again, a long standing member of the spiritualist community, and we are again, grateful for his experience and input.

April is a great help to us, setting up and generally assisting with the running of the Haven on a day to day basis. She is learning about the spiritualist movement, and has started to get some real evidence - lucky lady !                                                                                                                                   

We also have a fantastic team working to make sure all our visitors are kept fed and watered! Our "Tea Team", Jean, Ian and Mary, run our kitchen, and make the best cup of tea in Essex! All our refreshments are free, so the team are kept busy all evening, and we are hugely grateful to them for their assistance !

Please come along and meet us all at the Haven - We will welcome you with Open Arms !

  Open Arms Spiritual Haven is affiliated to the Spiritual Workers Association