Open Arms Spiritual Haven

                                  REVIEWS FOR THE HAVEN

1)Review added by Amanda Nash
Spirit Finders has worked with Jay on a couple of occasions and we have loved working with her, as a result of working with Jay, we visited the Haven one Sunday and were given a very warm welcome! The Haven is a wonderful place to visit for a great evening out, and costs very little! I think it is wonderful that the Haven donates all profits to charity, and believe that they do the community a great service! I just wish I didn't live quite so far away!

Long may there fabulous work continue!
2)Review added by Colin West
I must say that the Open Arms Centre has to be one of the best places I've been to. I'm a spiritual healer myself, and have worked in other centres before however I feel that the energy and the atmosphere is much more relaxed and calming than other centres I've been to.

Plus the selection of other therapies that are available are all there for the public to choose from as they come in and these all add to the centre's excellence! Come along and find out for yourself or at least have a read of the centre's website for more info.
4)Review added by Paula Leahy
This is a fantastic group, always lots of laughter and a very friendly welcome to one and all. Healing and readings available to everyone attending. A geat evening.

The meetings are informal yet caring and supportive.

I would highly recommend a visit !

Paula Leahy
5)Review added by Sue Morhall

As a medium who has worked at the Open Arms Haven in Grays, I have to say I have found it ranks amongst the best places I have worked in.
The atmosphere is extremely uplifting and Jay, who runs the centre, is very supportive and full of enthusiasm which is, I feel, vital.
May this centre continue for ever upwards!

6) Review added by April

I help out at the haven and thoroughly enjoy doing so, i would just like to say how much it has helped me personally aswell. I first started going when it first opened as i had depression and had lost someone very close, going regularly to the haven and having crystal healing and healing helped me so much, i also love the fact that we are helping raise money for THURROCK MIND as this is a charity close to my heart as my fiance suffers with mental health issues. Our centre is a centre for the community and we are a great team and i am very proud to be part of it. I honestly dont know where i would have been now if it was not for this centre coming along when it did, i was in a very, very dark place and Open Arms was the light at the end of the tunnel for me, so i would like to take this oppurtunity to say thankyou to Jay and everyone for setting up this centre xxxx

7) Review added by John Chafer

As a medium, who has worked at the Haven, I would just like to say, the Haven is so nice to work at,and one of the nicest, everybody is so friendly as well, I would recomend the centre to anybody, Jay and the people who work there, deserve all the credit they get

Jay and Team,
I Know as a medium that is nice to have feed back and to have the support of the Centre and Churches for making us Feel welcome, This is one of them The Open Arms,The name speaks for it self, Id like to say Thank you u all.. I can honestly say that i have been most welcome at the The Open Arms Spiritual Haven and the people who work for the Centre always makes me feel special...God bless you all and hope you all achieve your dreams..see you on the 22nd Feb, Very Much looking forward to it..Love Christina Green xxxx



The Open Arms Spiritual Haven is run for the local people, not for the people who run it! We always invite feedback each week from our visitors book, and welcome input from you.

Here is some of the feedback we have received over the weeks :

"Lovely atmosphere, and I knew I was drawn to visit. Poppy was great, and it was a great night!"

"Absolutely fantastic! Great people, very welcoming, and love all the different therapies each week. Well done to all !"

"What a great night, really enjoyed all the therapies. will be back again and again - thankyou"

"I have been coming here since the beginning, and have found everyone welcoming and friendly. It has been like a drug to me, I cant stop coming! Thankyou to all who organise this special evening, much enjoyed. Keep it all going ! Julie x"

"Tonights medium John Chafer was excellent, and picked up the reasons why I am here tonight. Many thanks x" (John is booked to work again at the Haven very soon)

"Medium - what a great one! He really made a difference to people who werent too sure!"

"Barbara Laurent - wonderful - please come again" (Barbara will be back soon and is a regular tarot reader with us)

"thanks Jay and friends for Open Arms - what a wonderful family you have started!"

"My first time here, just wanted to say thankyou to Jay and her team for the calming and kind welcome"

"First time here, thought it was great! Please e-mail me with all your events"

"Christina Green - fantastic - love to see her again"

"Christina thanks so much for a brilliant night, please come back soon " (Christina is doing our Christmas evening with us on the 21st December)

"Thank you for everything - Doug"

"We had a great time this week with Open Arms - Sue (Morhall) was so funny and entertaining, it brightened the weekend! - Michelle "

"Thank you so much, Jay and the team. Poppy made me feel very enlightened. Just wish there were more spaces for the tarot readings!" (We are arranging for two readers to be available most weeks from now on)