Open Arms Spiritual Haven

Mediums working at the Haven ...

We are proud to welcome some of the most impressive mediums currently working in the spiritualist centres to the Haven.

Please see below a diary of upcoming bookings, and remember - all of these wonderful people give their time and energies to bring the awesome power of spirit to you.

                             THIS SUNDAY AT THE HAVEN - WHATS ON !!!

                This Sunday the 1st at the Haven, we are delighted to welcome our medium

                                               MICHAEL REDWIN 

Michael is a long established and highly experienced medium, who serves centres all over Essex London and Kent. He is an accurate, warm and positive communicator, and comes very highly recommended - you will be in for a great night ! 

We also have some fantastic lightworkers lined up for you this week :

Billy Wakeling will be with us this week offering something a little different in the form of sand readings. Practiced by American Indians, sand reading channels spiritual guidance from the patterms left in a plate of sand presented to the sitter. Something new to try yet again at the Haven ! 

Our lovely Candice will be back with us this week with her Tarot readings. As you will remember she worked platform for us the other week, so you will know that as well as reading the cards, she also brings through Spirit - a fantastic reader who is always very popular.

Ellen will be back providing you with Reiki - some of our visitors have reported impressive long-term benefits from this treatment, so please do make sure you book in to see her !

Aromatherapy massage will be provided this week by Janet - a truly relaxing and theraputic back and neck massage which relaxes and de-stresses the body and mind and you smell yummy afterwards too !

Another new therapist this week is Heidi, who will be providing visitors with reflexology treatments. Reflexology is a form of complementary medicine and involves a method of treatment using massage to reflex areas found in the feet and the hands.

Paula will again be providing Indian Head Massage - a great favourite amongst our visitors to de-stress and help you chill out at the end of a hard week !

Our fantastic SPHA healers will be once again offering you healing for the mind and body via their work in the aura. Amazing treatments from an amazing team of healers - we are very proud of them !

Stalls this week are our lovely Jo's very popular crystals and jewellery, and also Billy's spiritual stall selling tarot cards, books and dreamcatchers to name a few. Treat yourselves !

Finally, do come and visit our lovely "Team Tea" - Jean, Ian and Rose, who will provide you with all your refreshments free of charge and with a great big Haven smile !

This is a great evening - sociable, friendly and warm, a great chance for you to try new therapies, get a reading, and see some of Essex's best mediums working from platform. Do come along and see us - entry just £3 all welcome !  Doors open 6.30pm

8th March                      Bill Rich

15th March                       Billy

22nd March                   Linda Wyatt

29th March                     Uwe DRose

5th April                     Barbara Almond

12th April                      Paul Clarke

19th April                    Christina Green

26th April                    Sue Morhall





Those attending demonstrations or sittings have made a personal choice to do so. They are responsible for any decisions they choose to make as a result of the reading or demonstration.

All events at the Haven are experimental, but are conducted as part of Spiritualism being a recognised religion, philosophy, and a science. As such the results and your unfoldment as a spiritual being cannot be guaranteed.